Dastardly's Art 'n' Stuff

My name is Emma, and this is my blog where I stick both my art and other random stuff. I'm a beginning artist though, so my art isn't the best. I also am a fan of Homestuck, Zelda, the Wheel of Time series, dragons, the various kinds of 'taurs, and really anything else considered fantasy. I take (appropriate) requests, because it's good for practice. I hope you enjoy whatever you may stumble across!

Dastardly doodlings
Feed the poor, give me doodle ideas! Or questions. Questions work too.

Just to clear things up…

I do take requests. Sometimes I’ll go through creativity dry spells where I really want to draw but have no idea what to draw (like now). Plus, I need all the practice I can get in order to improve. I’m under no illusions that my art is good, but I try my best and also try to further understand how I can get better. I’ll try to do any request that you can throw at me, the sillier the better. So come at me bro!